The EQuaP project has four main activities:

  1. The development of new research on participation in ECEC
  2. The development of quality indicators addressing participation as a process
  3. The identification and the exchange best practices on the theme participation
  4. Job shadowing of the personnel aimed at preparing the cross-testing and mainstreaming of the practices pertaining participation

Job shadowing

The job shadowing activities will be an important milestone in the project. This is due to the fact that the set of practices that will be included in the tool box will be practices transferred from other countries, tested locally and then assessed in terms of added value they brought to the pre-school capacity to increase participation. The partnership believes that a presentation of a practice pertaining participation in the context of a project meeting is not sufficient to ensure an effective transferring, testing and adaptation. Only job shadowing can provide the possibility and create the conditions for the achievement of the expected results foreseen.

The job shadowing on the one hand will provide the opportunity for the pre-school teachers of the partner organizations to learn more in depth about the practices themselves and the context in which the practice(s) they would like to transfer and test was developed. On the other hand they will improve their knowledge about the elements of the ECEC system of the other countries involved. In particular observation in the pre-schools will focus not only parents and community involvement in the life of the pre-school but also on the daily routines, relations between children and between adults and children, organizational issues, use of the indoor and outdoor space.