Erasmus+ programming documents as well as in the context of logo-erasmusthe general objective of the EquaP project is to contribute to an improved quality of ECEC in Europe through an increased acknowledgement of the families and carers as a key component of the system.

4 specific objectives

In order to achieve this general objectives the project has set out 4 specific objectives:

  1. To identify, test and mainstream best practices and innovative methods of participation particularly in context of diversity (socioeconomic and cultural diversity, minorities, etc);
  2. To improve the teachers competences pertaining strategies and approaches the involvement of parent by learning from the experiences of colleagues from other countries in Europe ;
  3. To improve the integration and interaction of the different components of the system (children, practitioners, researchers, families, community);
  4. To address participation in ECEC as a process through adequate quality indicators;

The project will set in motion a process which will ultimately lead a transnational and multidimensional network and critical learning community of practitioners, parents, local policy makers and researchers. The project is strongly geared to the development of intellectual outputs that can bring innovation not only to the partners and their local ECEC systems but to the whole ECEC community (practitioner, researchers and policy-makers) in Europe.