Linköpings kommun

Linköpings Kommun

Preschools should lay the foundations for lifelong learning and provide children with good pedagogical activities; where care, nurturing and learning come together to form a whole. Preschools are a necessity to uniting family life and work and promoting equality between men and women. Together with the home, preschools encourage the development of children into being responsible people and members of society. Activities in preschool should also encourage children to work and play together, train them to deal with conflicts and to accept responsibility. It should be stimulating, educational and safe for all the children who are in preschool. Creative work and play is very important for developing children’s learning ability.

Learning and Development

  • Every child should find learning challenging if they are to achieve maximum development
  • There must be at least one preschool teacher in each department

The activities at all preschools should be checked in the same structured and ordered way. In particular preschools should stimulate the child’s development and learning in fields such as language, communication, mathematics, science and technology. The organisation of the preschools should clearly take into consideration both genders. The Manager at the preschool is responsible for sharing out the work to the individual staff members according to their skills and also according to the occupational groups. A plan of action detailing how children shall be handed over from preschool to the first class in grade school, regardless of which school the child is to attend, should be available. Children in need of special needs should be given particular consideration. There should be a structured and rewarding cooperation between the staff at the preschool and the parents.

Safety and the working environment

  • All children should feel safe and comfortable in the preschool.
  • The attitude survey will measure, among other things, safety; it has been decided that the index value for safety should be at least 90 out of 100.

During part of the day, the children shall be organized into small groups based on learning, interests and individual needs. Special consideration should be given to place small children into smaller groups.

Evaluation of operations
A pedagogical report covering the development and learning of each child shall be written and cover the child individually as well as in a group situation. The preschool manager is responsible for carrying out follow-ups and analyzing the results of the yearly test of the preschool class. The information from these follow-ups will then be used to help design methods and skills development for the staff.